Ecumenism.. what it really can be and should be

This is something I didn’t know about.. Sadly –


Four Chaplains Day, Where in 4 Chaplains A Methodist, A Catholic, A Reformed Christian, and a Jewish Rabbi, helped save the lives of their crew during WW2.

I know that’s an incredibly short description of what happened. Do yourself a favor, and follow the link below.

This is a perfect example of how the One God that we all Worship, can unite us in love, even though we have differences in understanding Him. These men, made that testament, with their very lives. They are a kind of Martyr, giving their lives so that others could live. Without their life jackets, they had no chance of surviving, but they gave those, so that others could. “For I Tell you This, there is no greater Love, then to lay down one’s life for a Friend”.  This is what the Gospel is. Its NEVER about us. Its about others. Its about their knowing that God loves us, and we can have the privilege of being his instruments. Lets delight in that for a moment… The Omnipotent, Omniscient God, uses us..broken, imperfect people.

The Image, in my head of these Four praying together, is not unfamiliar, given the friends of different faith traditions that I am Privileged to know as well. These men are exemplary of the “Greatest Generation”, and boy do we ever need some like them again.

Take a moment, and read about it will ya?–Catholic—Jewish-Chaplains-gave-their-lives-to-save-others-Four-Chaplains-Day.html?soid=1108762609255&aid=kE9Sf9ts6wU



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