A Baptism of Desire – The Second Saying

The Second Word:
“I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise.”
(Luke 23:43)

The Second Saying of Christ , is an answer to a thief hanging to his right. Tradition holds that his name was Dismas, we call him the “Good Thief”, because he accepted that his punishment was just, but he also realized that Christ, had done no wrong as he rebuked his partner in Crime. He recognizes who he addresses, when he says “Jesus, Remember me when you enter your Kingdom”. This is why we call it a baptism of desire. He would not live to see the Resurrected Christ. He probably had not lived a very admirable life, else he would not be where he was. He Knows this, but, he also recognizes and implores the Mercy of God, as it is being poured forth on that hill.

Jesus, you loved me so much, that by your death, you flung open the gates of Heaven, so that we your Father’s greatest creation, could finally know Him in fullness again.  Jesus, Remember me when you enter into your kingdom. Help us to know the joy that is you, that we can spend all our days in paradise.




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