The Final Saying

The Seventh Word:
“Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!”
(Luke 23:46)

Or “Into your Hands, I commend my spirit”  – It was finished. It was Done. Jesus Would pass from this world, to the next, as we all must do. This was the cost of his humanity, which was equal to his divinity.  He Would give up the Ghost, with his final breath

He would be Pierced… in the side. Blood and water would flow from his right side, in keeping with elijah’s Prophecy of “Water flowing from the right side of the temple” – His legs, would be left un broken, as he is an unblemished lamb.jesus-on-cross-light-of-heaven-shines

The Earth Would tremble. The Veil, in the temple, which separated us from God, in a literal sense… was torn from top to Bottom. God – Was now accesible to us again.

We truly had been reconciled.

But, this was only the beginning. the Debt had been satisfied. Now the Joy of His Masters house, is available for all. In a few days,  death would be over thrown once and for all

Jesus, you entrusted your Spirit to your Father. Teach me to do the same. May I one day here “Well done Good and Faithful Servant, enter into the Joy, of your Master’s House”.

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