Thirst – the Fifth saying

The Fifth Word:
“I am thirsty.”
(John 19:28)

Hanging there.. It would have been the 5th hour.  The Clouds would be gathering. It was probably humid. Every last bit of moisture Jesus had .. sweat.. blood. Was Gone.  To Say “I thirst” was an understatement. The Degree of dehydration, from lack of blood, body fluids, while at the same time his lungs continually filling with fluids.

The Soldier near by, would have had an uncharacteristic act of mercy for himself. He grabs a lance.. pierces a Sponge.. and dips it in some wine mixed with myrr.  This was a technique that they used to deaden the pain of the condemn. Naturally, it did very little to meet the need of thirst.  Jesus continued to struggle, because this would not quench his thirst. Again,  this fulfills the prophecy of  “Instead of Food they Gave me Poison” that is in psalm 69.

It would not be long now. The End was almost in site.

How Many times when God thirsted for us.. did we turn it back on him as poison. Did we come to the Altar with conditions… or did we thirst for him as much as he thirsts and longs for us?


Jesus, you were thirsty . Help me to nourish that, with my love.



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