A Dark night of the Soul


I always liked the show REV.  It was on BBC for 3 short seasons. In It, a Country Anglican Priest.. Gets moved to an Inner City Parish.. with about 6 people who are regulars. They are all sorts. Probably his best “friend” is a homeless person. There are alot of comical moments along the way

Towards the End of Season 2, and into Season Three, He starts to go through a crisis.. One that he Creates himself.  He Gets involved with the wrong person at the wrong time, and it brings scandal to him and his wife.. Just after he has his baby. Also, His parish is miserably in the red. Finally they close the church  (Amusingly Called… St Savior of the Marshes), and he takes up regular work.

Somewhere in the Final Episodes… He hits rock Bottom. He Carries this cross, all through town (he was transporting it from one church to another..  and had to do it by hand) .

He Comes to the top of the hill. He Meets Liam Neeson’s Character. As “God” he reminds him that no matter what, we all have crosses to bear. and He will always be here. It isnt until after he “vanishes”, that Adam realizes who just visited him.

The Series ends up with him reconciling with his family and his parish,  and he FINALLY gets around to Baptizing his Little Girl. He by accepting his cross and carrying it full (both figuratively and literally), comes to know easter  (Both Figuratively.. and Literally)

I certainly have screwed up more then Adam did…and almost ruined my life. There are certainly times where I really thought.. I was alone.. that he didnt care. Thats what the dark night is. You are sort of allowed to be cast into this darkness.. so that you can see the Light, in all its brilliance.   Sometimes.. its only faint.. for a moment, but its enough grace to keep following Jesus up the hill.


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