Pray Hope and Dont worry (Gimme my Rosary beads BACK!)

I had almost forgotten to  – Today is the Feast of one of my most favorite Saints, St Pio, AKA Padre Pio.

He was a Franciscan (cap) Friar who live in Italy in the last century. He was a Mystic, Prophet, and most notably, a Stigmatic. He bore the wounds of Our Savior, and they caused him much pain, most particularly when he would celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or on Good Friday.

People would come from all around for his counsel, because he was a VERY noticably holy Man. The Smell of Hyacinths would emit from his wounds. This man, before he died, was already a living saint.

Once a nun stole his rosary. Its one of the few material goods a Friar will keep. He chased her down, and when he caught up he scolded her “Why would you do such a thing sister?”, her Response “Father forgive me… I just wanted a Relic of a Holy Man” – His response ” Sister, go and make your own relics”, as he held her hands gently, and blessed her and let her on her way.

We are all called to Sanctity, to Sainthood, to be among the elect. We DO NOT attain this in our lifetime. So if you hear someone refer to “The Saints” when they preach, that’s getting a head of themselves a bit. This life, is a period to perfect ourselves… to earnestly seek the Lord.. and worry for nothing else.

In the End.. the truly holy people living, didnt worry about anything, because they knew they could pray, hope, and not worry. Each of us is called to make our own relics, and one day…we Like Pio, will share in the Beatific Vision, and stand forever in the awesomeness of our God


St Pio, Pray for us!

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