Who is God… and why it matters to understand who we are

Lately, Ive been thinking more and more about how wrong alot of Christianity has things. This all started from a real faith Crisis that I had the other night, which upon talking with Niki, only made me go deeper, and search deeper. Alas I was simply left with more questions… more soul Searching

Im a Cradle Catholic… and ironically, I still believe… and will always believe in the Catholic Faith. The problem is the Catholic Church hasnt believed in the Catholic faith for a long time. This gave rise to the Schism, and gave rise to the Reformation. Both further muddied the waters, rather then illuminating the world with the fullness of truth that is God incarnate.

Today, listening to a Musical Rabbi.. (someone who doesnt …by definition from us Christians, have the fullness of truth), the answer was atleast partially provided. Ive written about the song I was listening to before, the “Vehakohanim”.

In it he describes what it might have sounded like to hear the Shem Hashem, on the day of Yom Kippur, when the people would bow deep, and cover their face. This was the closest people got to knowing God.

Elijah, when he was hiding, knew the lord in the Wind… and hid his face.

Even Jesus, who was the Son of the Almighty, covered his head. He went to temple. per Phillipians 2:6, knew that equality with God, was something NOT to be grasped.  Certainly the Apostles… knew him and saw him in his Divinity, both on Mt Tabor, and at the Ressurection.

The Jewish people (im speaking more traditional… Chassidic/Mystical Judaism) , revere God so deeply, that they wont even write the word “GOD”.. but will deliberately leave out the middle letter (Like so “G-D”). Historically, only the worthy were allowed anywhere near the sanctuary, and only the High Priest…sparingly, ever even approached Him. Even Christ.. who WAS GOD… only ever entered the Court of Israel , which was one of several sections to the temple, and was several sections away from the Holy of Holies.

Somewhere in Christianity, we blurred being Reckoned to God at Calvary, to being equal to God. This isnt what happened at all – We had real guilt.. real consequence to our fall in the garden. Calvary paid the price of that imbalance. However, just like in Eden..God was still God.

Revelation speaks to the Power and Majesty of God. Even there, Jesus, who is God, is still very clearly defined as his Right hand. Like with Calvary, Jesus saves, but the end concept of God, is beyond description, and at that point, we no longer care, because we are then able to behold God.. in all his Glory.

The reformation attempted to get back to the roots of the movement… one based on the Word, and less on legalism. However… it still fell short of a rennaisance of  Creaturehood… understanding where we are at in relation to God. Further reforms tried to go back even further. The Messianics believe that one has to have all of the Jewish rites to truly be a follower. I dont believe thats necessary though, as those traditions were centered around a temple that is no longer necessary.

Lets recall though, the temple veil was torn from top to bottom, this was because God was forever exposed to us through Christ.  the Temple became Jesus… so things associated with the temple.. were no longer necessary. However, fear of God, isnt unique to the temple.

Catholics.. consider Fear of the Lord, a gift of the Spirit (along with 6 others..I digress), I think this has somewhat contributed to the rubber band affect we have where God is Buddy.  Where its true, he is ever loving, ever compassionate, he is first and foremost God. However.. that word fear…especially when you get into Greco Roman And Further in history to Euro languages, invokes something negative, as opposed to understanding of roles.

Thats why I like the concept of relationship, or that is, how we relate to God… and how that balances out. The very nature of relationship requires us to go inward, and test and balance what our mind and heart is telling us about the other in the relationship. Jesus was the culmination of that Relationship. He was hypostatically, Man and God, equal in both divinity and humanity. However… his humanity didn’t allow him to claim that equality. He knew how he related to the Father, and how the Father related to the son.

So it occurred to me something perplexing. We are Christians, because we follow Christ, and believe that one day we will share in his ressurection. We believe in “Christofication”, or becoming Christ like. How can we become Christ like… when we have a concept of the Father that lacks a proper understanding of God hood?

We really need to learn from not only our Jewish ancestors in faith, but also the very example of Jesus himself. God is God. God will always be God, sovereign, and all powerful. Jesus is the embodiment of that God.

So, Id challenge people this Christmas.. when you go to your Midnight Masses.. Your Candlelit services.. and your Christmas gatherings, to remember who we are, and who he is, and why his birth.. is the Gift it is. Emmanuel, GOD is with us. Go deeper then just the externals.

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