That Other Lung –

I was poking around on youtube… looking for some Edifying Music. Sometimes I come across good Western Latin Rite Music, other times, Music such as this, typically, Eastern Orthodox Chant.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, rather then Orders, the Monks and Nuns have levels of Ascension. All monks take on the “lesser Schema”… which crudely is compared to a Rule of Life in the West.

Monks and Nuns who have achieved the “Great Schema”.. are regarding as having a level of spiritual contemplation.. and are considered extremely close to God.. Most are often mystics, prophets, and living saints. If you want to see examples in the West.. Look to people such as St Pio, St Catherine of Sienna, St John of the Cross.

Though divided from the west.. there is real contribution the east has for us… and I wish we could all get past our 1000 year old fits and be one Church again (and for the record.. the main issues are Papal Supremacy… Papal Infallibility,  Papal Primacy..  and Filioque …  The first has been eradicated by time.. the Second is a matter of understanding.. the Third is a Matter of Interpretation…and the fourth is a matter of actually reading the scriptures without throwing a fit…(I digress…)

Once there was a Unified church…and it was strong. But the Enemy divides and conquers..and thats what happened here. God willing on day, we wont say who is orthodox.. or who is a heretic.. Well simply say East, West, but one. For in Christ there is no East or West. Only Unity.


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