Some Thursday Thoughts on things

**Real Thoughts ahead**

Facebook and social media has distorted our intuition I think. We used to be forced to interact with people more..and what they did, became what we thought of them. They were defined by their actions

Yet this media, and other social medias, have allowed us to paint a picture of ourselves that isnt always true. The more I think about it.. how some people use social media, seems nefarious, and somewhat diabolical.

The “Fall” was rooted in Pride.. and Arrogance. I see that same pride and arrogance sometimes one display, and its not just Social Media but our greater media in general.

We dont have TV shows anymore that simply entertain or tell a story. Everything is about focusing in on one person. Christy Knows Best..Simple LIfe.. The Osbournes.. The Kardashians. … and on and on.

All of those shows seem to focus on one person and making them the center of the universe, and we follow this like lambs to the slaughter. Often, these people have become defacto heroes… that seem to be able to do no wrong, or if they do… we simply arent understanding them, thus we need to just get in line and be tolerant and accepting.

Is it no wonder that on a lesser scale.. the internet has propelled those who might normally be ignored as having nothing to contribute, intellectually, culturally, or spiritually?

Look, we are all on our own journey. God knows I am as imperfect as they come. We need to get aware of this though. Humility and Self reflection need to become a thing again, and that starts with us learning HOW to think again. We’ve lost that. Somewhere in the past 20 years we have confused Memorization of Facts… With Knowledge of facts. Grab any 20 something off the street..and they could probably speak in a text book fashion endlessly about anything they are passionate about, Social Justice.. Gun Control.. Religion (or lack there of), politics.

However, at no point do we really see critical thinking or Logic anymore. Rather, people seem to simply latch on to the catch phrase or idea of the day, without putting much thought into what that means.

Whether its Hand Up Dont Shoot.. Or Make america Great again.. or any number of other items.. We are quick to jump on the bandwagon. The First phrase I mentioned and the Second Phrase both are based around false hoods. One was proven to not be what happened.. and another assumes that America wasnt ever great. Both are rooted for example in the ego..of all things hinging on one person. Both have far deeper motivators and roots then most people give credit for. Both are right and wrong.. Depending on how deeply you articulate those concepts.

We need to get woke up, and fast. We arent Democrats… we arent Republicans. We are Americans.. People.. Made in the image and likeness of God.. and we need to start acting like it, and shunning those things that overly corrupt that image, and not simply write them off in a libertarian manner.. But at the same time… not simply tolerating them to tolerate them.

There is right.. and there is wrong… and then there is the Truth. We dont seem to be worried about the truth… we simply are embracing what we think is “Right”..and shunning all others who dont fit that mold.

God calls us to Love. Love isnt acceptance. Thats complacency. Love also isnt Hatred..Hatred is rooted in narcism. Love Demands us to Think better, Do better, and be better then we ever were.

I see people with things like “Dont let hate win”. While noble.. Do we really want to eradicate hate? OR do we just want people to simply fall in line? There is a difference..and until we get to the roots of our issues.. We will always have hate.. we will always have issues.

Something to think about on your Thursday

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