That Time of Year… Thoughts on Hallows Eve (Halloween).. In the End we win.

Ahh. Tis that time of year.. that magical time. No, Im not referring to Christmas, but rather, the end of seasons.. liturgical years, the setting of a Sun, the Rising of a Moon, into the New day.

Next Tuesday, we will celebrate All Hallow’s eve… commonly known as  ‘Halloween”. Kids will don costumes, in attempt to get the neighbors to give up some loot, or, in the more “progressive” neighborhoods, the children might do something called “Trunk or treat”.  The tradition of wearing costumes dates to well into medieval times, back to Celtic “Samhain“, where locals would wear these costumes, in order to avoid the Evil ghosts prowling. Treats became an effort to bribe the evil spirits away, and later that tradition was adopted by children, who would of course give you the option of a “Trick Or Treat”.

The name all Hallows eve came from when the church purified the day, out with the old Pagan ways, and in with the Church Triumphant, celebrated on All saints day, a day which would celebrate all those who triumphed over the world, and are in Paradise.

Over the centuries, alot has happened in this month, that is indicative of the battle of Good and evil, light and Darkness. Revolution raged in Russia, Exorcisms went on for the month (Right here in St Louis might I add), and Our Blessed Mother made the miracle of the sun, and gave us the Fatima prayer.. and showed 3 children the souls in hell and that prayer being a means to avoid it.

October is a cosmic transitional point in the year, where not only seasons change, but the earth itself begins to settle into a different tilt. Leaves change… and fall . Daylight diminishes, and temperatures drop. It’s easy to fall into a rut of despair, and feel as if all is lost. This is where we become most vulnerable to oppression.

Now, I’m not saying that mental issues are a direct cause of it, or that “the devil made you do it”. Rather..  we all carry certain dispositions. Very often, they can be dualistic high points of our personalities, which can often in an instant, become our greatest vexes and vices. My own is my empathy and care for others.. which very often gets exploited, as do so many others. Whether it’s A Talent that becomes Obsession, Love turning to lust.. often those things which we do so freely and innocently, become the very tools the Enemy uses against us.

Because of the Cosmic state of things, he is MOST potent this time of year, and we need to be more on guard than any. This month has been particularly hard for me, with the dispute over the custody of my children, the pace picking up at work, and my overall attempting to Fix/Reboot a life that I alone created. Today I sunk.. the pressure got to me, and for an instant I just didn’t care about anything.

Why me? Why do I fight all the time, only to have to keep fighting? When does it end?

After a miserable (but fun) 28 miles of gravel riding through reaffirmed to me that one – I’ll always have to fight, and there are many reasons… the chiefest of it is..Im Bought and paid for, and I have a purpose. We all have the same purpose… as the old Baltimore Catechism says ” The Purpose of Life…is to Know and Love God…so that we can be with him for all eternity.” . The enemy hates that fact. In the end.. he has no control over us… unless we give it to him. The only person who does, is the One God united in three.

A lot of people get up in arms over Halloween. They see it as contributing to the Devil..and delving in paganism. While there are pagan roots to the day..  our most recent interpretation of such ( within 200 years), is the Halloween, points us to All Hallows Day..also known as All Saints day, the day of the Church Triumphant. That alone should remind us of ONE SOLID FACT. In the end.. He wins… and our Victory is through him.

So get out there.. celebrate your Halloween… and then Embrace the day of Saints. Those brothers and sisters who go before us.. and show us the way.

Yes this month will be crap. Chances are, the closer you feel.. or the better a person you try to be, the more you will be outright attacked (as I often am). Take courage and be stout-hearted, trust in the Lord.. all of this is temporary. IN the End, we win.

Gloria Patri, Et Filio, et Spiritu Sancto, Sicut Era, In Principio, et nunc et hora, Et in Saecula, Saeculorum –


Glory be to the Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit, as it was in the Beginning, is now, and ever shall be.



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