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Lately I have really been considering how people react to people, places, situations. I as an IT person work in a very demanding field, one that is constantly changing.

Couple that with a company that right now is in the process of being acquired by another, and you have a very stress filled environment. In this situation, its important for me to try to keep my head about me. Sometimes that works… and sometimes it doesn’t. But I do my best to try to react after thinking. Most times I get that part right. Sometimes I still fail, but I try.

Often times conflicts escalate because something  is either innocently or not said or done, and the other part reacts harshly. World War I, was began over the Arch Duke being murdered. World War II.. was because of a people who were beaten.. taking whatever answer was the best for them. Korea…Vietnam..  We had to stop the rise of communism… I can go on and on.

Fast Forward a few decades. September 11, 2001. Tragic loss of life. Began because one group was reacting harshly to our policies in the lands some of them called home.  Were they right? No. Were we justified in our pursuit of Iraq.. Afghanistan.. and other areas? No. We devastated complete regions to find a handful of people.

I wish I could say..  that there could have been a better solution, but I cant. Anger only breeds more anger.. and that only ultimately leads to violence. Violence, leads to destruction.

Over the Past week we have had 3 major Shootings. All have been because of rash decisions, that didnt end up well. Innocent lives were lost in the process, because someone decided to take justice into their own hands. Lives were lost, because of a foolish knee jerk reaction.

Certainly a place like Planned parenthood is a place of injustice. Innocent lives are lost there constantly, all under the guise of “Choice” . But those workers.. many are innocent. As much as we who supposedly follow the  “Way” want to protest they aren’t, the harsh reality is, many don’t understand the situation they got themselves in. Yet we judge, and some of us, quite harshly. We rightly get angry at the situation, but we project that anger at the wrong target because of our passion.

A Certain presidential Candidate… (I dont need to do him any justice by mentioning his name), has said not only do we need to deal with the bad people (ISIS), but we need to deal with their families as well – Again, we have a knee jerk reaction to a very complex problem, and this thought process is indicative of us being mad at a few..and projecting it on everyone associated.

We like to go to extremes in this country. Its not enough to preserve a fundamental right to defend ourselves. We cant just have one gun… or ability to own. We have to have any gun we choose. This has created a gun culture out of this world.

Are there people who legitimately can deal with the responsibility? Yes.. But they are far out weighed by people who are completely governed by their emotions. Those get in the way often more then not.

So thats why I picked the above passage to reflect on. When we are patient… we get all the details to a problem first. We consider all the possibilities  – Is this the person I should be mad at – Are they innocent.. are they guilty. Will our actions actually help the situation…Or, do we just create folly.

May God Grant us the Wisdom to know the difference.





































































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