Why its important Mary didnt know everything.. A Psuedo Rant

NO she didnt know.Not everything – To one point, she didnt need to know, because the virtue of Mary’s Fiat, her yes..was that she trusted unwaveringly.

So the people that get butthurt over this, your theology is weak. its the fact SHE DIDNT KNOW and still trusted God, that makes it evident she is favored above all other Creation.

She didnt know… and would find out her Son would be killed at some point in His life.. when he was barely even a month old. She found out all of this After His Birth..and she still was unwavering. In fact the scriptures describe here as being disturbed over this, as any mother would be

I think its very poor theology to insist she knew everything – That’s treading into the so called “Marian Worship” which we do not of course as Catholics partake in

Rather… she was Human…just like any of us. What makes Mary Different is her Quality leading up to that point (her immaculate conception), and her unwavering “Yes”. That Choice loses something if we psuedo deify her into having some sort of omniscience.

Addendum in 2019 – Catholics – Stop lambasting this song, please. For one, we have deeper theological issues to address right now mainly in Rome,  but more importantly, getting upset over this song, and calling it heresy…when if nothing else it re enforces both Mary’s humanity and her ability to CHOOSE  (which is essential to what was professed at Ephesus about the Theo Tokos) is counter productive

#EndofRant  (I havent thrown that one out in a while 🙂  )

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