The Experience… Everyone Seeks it… Epiphany and what it really is

epiphany-biblical-magiEveryone thinks the Feast of the Epiphany is about the Wise Men Seeing Jesus. They were also called Magi… Probably Zoroastrians, who worshiped a supreme deity, and looked to the stars and the world around them to seek signs. They followed a star, which led them to the King of Kings..  but to their surprise, he was in a stable with swaddling cloths..and his Men in waiting were Donkeys, Sheep.. His Mother was a Timid young girl.. Foster father an old man. They Paid him homage..and gave him gifts of Gold, for His Kingship, Frankincense to honor his deity.. and Myrr..  Because of the price they knew from their studies, he would endure.

That’s the historical story of the Epiphany. It also happens to share the date of the Old Calendar Christmas (which many of our Christian Brothers celebrate tomorrow). The Word “Epiphany” means “a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being”. So Truly.. when the wise men experienced our Lord in a stable, they were experiencing the Divine.

What if I told you, we are the modern wise men who should seek him?  Sure..many of us are complete failures. I’m one of them. Id cast my sins against the dirtiness of that stable any day and lose. But I also know who I chase after. The wise men crossed deserts and found, under cloak of night.. the Child Divine. THEY WERENT EVEN JEWS.. yet they knew him. They KNEW HIM TO BE GOD INCARNATE.

Likewise, we can know Jesus.. we can have our own epiphany. Rather then marking an “End” to the Christmas Season.. we should mark a beginning to experiencing Christ in his Divinity throughout the year.  Many of us will fall along our journey to find him. But in the end.. in the Quiet of the Night..when all is calm..and all is bright in our lives.. (no pun intended), we find him.. in sublime glory.. that demands we step back..and appreciate beauty and peace in his Splendor.

I picked for a meditation on this “Mary Did you know”.  ON top of angering Ultra trads (:P).. It also remarkably speaks to the Epiphany, direct with the words “Mary Did you know.. this Sleeping Child you’re holding.. is the great I AM”… THAT Is what epiphany is.. Knowing that HE IS.. That he was Born.> That He has come to make us new.

Mary when she looked in his eyes as only a mother can, had Epiphany. We too.. if we think of the face of God… can look in his eyes.. and we WILL have our own Epiphany


A Blessed Feast to the New Calendrists, and a Happy Christmas to the Old Calendrists.  Christ is BORN! Glorify Him!

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