Butts in Pews…Butts in Pews.. Gotta get those Butts in Pews!

Though this speaks somewhat from the perspective of the so called “Traditional Mass” (which.. there is one mass with two forms…but I digress), it speaks one solid truth that applies to Parishes as a whole in this country..and without this point being addressed… No Mass… No Social Justice Program.. No Father Either slamming down the staff of orthodoxy or Father Being everyone’s friend…will help

The Church is based on evangelization. Why are there people in Evangelical Churches no offense getting half truth? Or Falling prey to chumps like Osteen? Because WE DONT TALK ABOUT OUR FAITH ENOUGH

There are flawed ..Angry blowhards like me.. Shea… Alt… Etc Who are depserately trying to convey an authentic faith

Then it gets railroaded on one side by People like Fr Z.. who are so caught up in Liturgy they Alienate.. Or people on the Other side like the LCWR..who has become some left wing they barely resemble catholics

This line right here sums it up


“This is why evangelization and effectively handing on the faith to the next generation is so critical. Simply having a beautiful liturgy, or a historic building, or a school with old roots in the community, is not enough. Attracting, engaging, and evangelizing actual human beings who will support and sustain structures, institutions, and even liturgies is essential. No one in the Church is exempt from this obligation.”

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/msgr-pope/an-urgent-warning-about-the-future-of-the-traditional-latin-mass/#ixzz3wfHJ7pwr

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