Abandonment: the Fourth Saying

The Fourth Word:
“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”
(Mark 15:34)

It was around Noon Probably – Jesus had been hanging there for a while now. Probably every last bit of strength he had, was gone.  His friends had left. more then likely he was feeling the effects of the elements. He might have even had people throwing things at him.

With a voice he cries out ”  Eloi! Eloi! Lema Sabacthani” , or ‘My GOD MY GOD.. Why have you forsaken me!” . The Mental place that Jesus, as a man must have been. So many of us have seen that place of darkness.. where the only light.. Is God.

This was a very human emotion. To feel abandoned. I know I have felt it many times especially in my life lately. How could a good God, leave his servant to suffer so much? But, once again, there is more here then meets the eye. Two things are occuring.

Every moment of Jesus’s life was a fulfillment of prophecy. The whole of Psalm 22, is a prophecy of the Crucifixtion, and the life the Messiah would have. But Secondly, Jesus shows us that in our Darkest Hours.. its ok to feel afraid.. and to call upon God in a very personal way. God is Father.. not simply a far off Judge. The Word Eloi… Aramaic (which would have been for lack of a better term,., a more backwoods dialect of Hebrew), is a shortened form of Elohim..  Which is the Name of God Spoken in Creation. It is different from the other ways that a Jew would call upon God. They never use the name of God. God was always distant. Jesus changes that. God is More then Near. He is more then Yahweh, More then Adonai.. He is GOD.. right in front of us.  We can call on him, as a son or daughter calls to his father.


Jesus, you were scared..  you felt abandoned.  May I ever yearn to be near the Cross, and embrace my own Cross in life more fully.



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