It is Finished – The Sixth saying

The Sixth Word:
“It is finished!”
(John 19:30)


Its about 2 o clock. The Clouds have completelty gathered.  Jesus knows he has now finished what he started. He Says ‘It is Finished’

This plan had been in works since the dawn of creation. God created us to be with him forever in paradise, and instead, we took our destiny into our own hands. Where as Adam causes us to fall from grace, Jesus, the new Man lifts us up to heaven.

Only Jesus, who was true God, True Man, could be a fitting sacrifice. Money, Burnt Offerings..  Slaughtered Lambs does not atone for our Sin. Only the Pure , unblemished lamb accomplishes this.

It was Done. It was Complete. All of Creation was now reconciled, if they accept it, to God almighty.


Jesus, thank you for paying the ultimate price for me. You died, to redeem a poor wretch like me. What wondrous love you have for me.



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