How do you solve a problem like Donald… And Why “Love” is the greatest Virtue

Yesterday, the leading Republican candidate Donald trump, basically in the space of a day, rubbernecked on a response to an issue, that of, if Abortion were suddenly made illegal, did he believe that the Woman should be punished.

The Article is Here  –>>  (I’m sure there are others.. this is the first I grabbed)

At one point his answer was yes, then later clarified his from the hip statement, and like so many republicans as of late, invokes St Ronald Regan – “”The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed — like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.” — As if this suddenly validates his statement.

Where to begin, as there are so many issues going on here. First and foremost, we need to affirm the Church’s position,  Where in the Catechism States

2258Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains for ever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being.”56″

Got that?  All Life is sacred, and it’s not up to us to decide who goes, or who doesn’t. All Times, all seasons come from Him.  All that being said, I don’t pretend for an instance to know, what truly goes on in the mind of a woman when she is on that table or stirrups.

Here is what I do know though, both Mother and Child are victims. The obvious victim first, is the child, who unwillingly loses his or her life. To understand the second victim, the Mother, we need to take a hard look at our society, our theological understandings, and most importantly ourselves.

For years, we have objectified women, and this goes back centuries really. Whats interesting is, its flip-flopped. Where as before the Sexual Revolution and women were very much treated as property, now under this new third wave feminism, a woman is allowed to flaunt her sexuality as a form of “Empowerment”. I know that same group will call me a chauvinist, that’s the part where we need to look at ourselves. However no matter how one looks at it, a Woman’s sexuality is still being shown as what her value is, albeit in two very different ways.

Couple this, with what we see in the media – Think of Pop stars like..  Brittney Spears.. Niki Minaj, and others. There is nothing modest about them. Most of their music is based on how they can entice a man, and thus, this is who they are as a person. Now, where as men should control themselves,  women who do this devalue themselves miserably. So it rolls down hill.  Many women go about their existence thinking the only thing they will be good at is keeping a man. I know more than a few who have done this. The message it sends is,  they are available.. for the taking.

This same group.. is usually who falls into needing an abortion, as the cowards who they “date” usually (but not always) are the protagonists, either directly, via forcing them to have an abortion, or indirectly, not instilling the confidence a provider should,  and thus the women panic and decide they can’t possibly deal with this life they created.

Add in society and their championing of “Choice”. If you don’t make your own decisions you are considered old age.. a simpleton – a product of the past – Who would want to feel that way after all?  Our society places milestones on our ability to make decisions for ourselves. We Choose our first car. We choose our Major in College (those of us who go), we choose everything. But there is a problem – That choice isn’t ours. Never has been, never will be.

Now, we can go and say let’s make abortion illegal – After all, it technically IS murder. One creation has decided another creation is without value comparatively, and thus is expendable. However, this does not solve the issue, as what is needed is a change of heart, and most importantly, prayers and the Mercy of God, who’s mercy endures forever.

I find it ironic someone like Donald Trump, who is the poster boy for misogyny, is suddenly “Pro Life”. After all, on a much more sophisticated, wealthier scale, he is no better than the scum bag low-class person who has knocked up the frightened young girl or lesser means. Both see the woman as expendable, and consequently beneath themselves

– Maybe he, in a very simple understanding suddenly is pro-life – I know from experience, Children, and in his case Grandchildren, can change a man immensely. However, this greatly exposes not only the politician Donald is trying to be, but also his immaturity in spiritual thought – One can expect this given the “leaders” early on he surrounded himself with (I call to mind the being prayed over photo/video op). These same “Pastors” have the theological understanding of a Bazooka Joe Comic.. and deal more with canned catch phrases than any sort of real teaching, very similar to how Donald threw out some catch phrases and is suddenly “Christian”. I make no judgment on whats in the Man’s heart. Often we hear of “Holy Fools” .

Alas I digress. Its my opinion only, this is just another catch phrase on his part, and quite honestly is on the part of many “Pro Lifers”…. There is a difference between “Anti Abortion”, and “Pro Life”. Trump also would very aggressively deal with others, to the extent of war. This is quite the contrast to “Pro Life” that he claimed the mantle of invoking Ronald Regan . Incidently, off topic.. am I the only one who is annoyed at the invoking of St Ronald by every republican candidate?  Alas I digress yet again. Perhaps this too is another attempt at duping the people who are desperate for a strong leader who will bring about change.

I would go further than saying, simply punish the person performing the abortion, although in the situation of the law being made, there would obviously be an infraction here, however .. I am not a student of Law, and defer to those who are on that analysis.  What I do know here is, if we are going to assign the woman as an accomplice, then, we need to assign all ourselves as accomplices.  We after all, as a society, have created this climate of death, where certain lives matter more than others.

We need to remember to always pity and pray for these women, even if they go through the act. Simply jailing them will reinforce the false feminism idea that preventing abortions is simply stifling them of their “Choice”. It is not. This is something the Lord of Lies, Satan, has orchestrated, and is not how we were intended from the start to live. That same devil.. is doing a real number on everyone involved in the situation, and most importantly the Mothers. These same woman, often deal with extreme depression after the act.

To really understand abortion, we need to understand it for what it is, murder, and murder is a sin – That being said, two lives are lost, both the physical life of the innocent unborn, and the Spiritual Life of the Mother. Sin, is a severing of our connection to God. That in itself is its own hell, and in a sense, punishment. We are made to love and know Him, and to kill something made in His image, is tragic.

Donald  Trump is completely wrong, in his entire approach to his “Faith”. Being Christian is not a “badge”, but a deep commitment to relationship to God, through Jesus. I pray he can through this very juvenile faith he currently has, grow deeper in his understanding. Until that time though, I will take him with a grain of salt.

This election, is complicated beyond complication, and at the same time, really quite simple. We need to remember, that no politician can eradicate abortion. Despite any law we might pass, the problem is always one of heart. I wish I had an “alternative” to any one currently running. I don’t. Either we see someone who is very pro person, but not pro-life, or we see a person who is Anti abortion, but still pro war, or anti equality. Perhaps this is what we get in a society that has gradually removed God from their lips, and instead has created the golden calf of “Reason and Tolerance”.

I do know we need to pray, and pray hard… especially for those we would want to lead us.


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