Attainability – A brief bit of thought on St Teresa of calcutta

As I sit here, on the eve of the canonization (or day of… depending on where you are), I am lost in contemplating the kind of woman Teresa was –

In case you lived under a rock, or are just too young, she was perhaps one of the most prolific people of the 20th century. She provided as part of her ministry, a much needed dignity to those who are often over looked, the sick and dying. Every where she went, she was able to ignite in people the Love of Jesus, and was instrumental in many conversions.

Needless to say, she was “fast-tracked” to canonization. This wasnt by chance, or a conspiracy or anything like that. Her life, was a living testament of what it means to be a Christian. Perhaps the greatest example of that, was her own struggle.

Often.. we get this idea of Saints being Other Worldly. Sure, we hear about people like St Pio… Or St Benedict who performed wonders. Mother Teresa didn’t perform miracles, unless you consider her work in itself.. a supreme manifestation of the Divine Presence.. The Love transcending all love.

I know she also struggled with her own faith – We forget often, these Saints.. These Holy Men and Women.. were first, men and women just like us. She would often describe how she felt alone, and at times, even questioned His Presence. In a lot of ways, this is relatable, as we all constantly are in a struggle to find God.. to know him, in his fullness.

I think there in lies the problem though, we are incapable of knowing him in his fullness – But we can catch glimpses of him. Whether it’s in the Burning bush of Sinai.. the Whispering Wind, The Most Holy Sacrament, or in the simple acts of kindness (of which St Teresa made her life’s work), there are constant conduits to the Divine, opportunities for us, even for a brief second, to know God.

mother-teresa-of-calcutta-to-be-made-saint-vaticanSt Teresa Reminds us all, that no matter where wecame from or confronted with, he is always there, even when we think he isn’t… He’s there, constantly inviting us to be close, and perhaps listen




St Teresa, Pray for us.

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