Post election thoughts

Just a few thoughts on the election, after I have had a chance to digest things. Yesterday, I talked about how sometimes, things aren’t always what we want, but what we need, in other words, whats good for us.

This country has been struggling, and going down hill for a while. Our culture is in a mess right now. Lines are being blurred and what we thought we knew, is no longer the case.

I also firmly believe God has blessed, and will continue to bless this great country of ours. No where else can we show up, and cast a vote for our leaders. What a marvelous thing, this Democratic republic!

Now is the time to come back together. The Battle is over. For better or worse we have a leader. Ultimately, God will provide, and it is his will, that will of Love.. that ultimately will win the day.

Everything happens for a reason, so what comes of this upcoming presidency, like the ones before, has ultimately been allowed for our own good. It will shape and mold us, for better or worse



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