The Last 6 Hours before Salvation, And the 7 last “words”

Tradition Holds that After the Scourging, and the way of the cross, Christ hung for 6 hours before dying.

Many Musicians, and writers have noted, and it is noted in scripture, there are 7 last sayings or “Words” that Christ spoke from the Cross. For him to even speak.. when under the amount of pain that he was in, is mind boggling to think about.

His hands would have been pierced, as would his feet. He was very literally, beaten to a pulp. It is not without reason that certain bones would have been exposed.. given the flails that the Romans used. However one didnt die from lack of blood with this method, but by asphyxiation, brought on by both the fact you would have from your arms.. and at the same time, your insides would fill with fluids, to where to breath, you would have had to pull yourself up a bit, just to get a breath

Imagine then, how important these words were for our Lord to mention. I plan on throughout the day, Until 3 pm, The Hour of Mercy, to chronicle each one of these, both as informative, and penitential for my own self.

The First Word:
“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”
(Luke 23:34)

Consider how big of a step this was for him to say – Jesus was the Son of God, but he was also human. He would have struggle with hate, anger, feelings of rejection, just like any of us. Instead of condemning all of us, as he should and as we deserved, he instead shows us what Priest and Sacrifice is. He implores mercy on our part, for he is the Unblemished lamb, the only worth sacrifice that could satisfy our debt.

Jesus, Your hands and feet were pierced for me, the most unworthy. Thank you for going to the cross. Thank you for your sacrifice of love. Thank you for caring enough about me, that you would embark on the ultimate journey.


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