“My Immaculate heart will triumph” … True Purity, and worthiness

Today, is the feast of the Immaculate conception of Mary. Time and the business of life, has added to some of the confusion surrounding this feast day of a profession of dogma (of which… there have only been 2 cases in the Church’s history).

In short, the church solemnly professes that Mary, from the very moment of her conception, was intended for a greater purpose, and as such, she was brought into time and creation with certain specifics.The most important of these, is her absolution from the stain of original sin, one we all carry and is only erased through Baptism and the Cross.

So how did this happen? How can we Catholics say this happened? Does not Christ save all people? Is not Calvary the quintesential event that harkens our salvation, and makes us worthy to be with God in heaven all the days of our lives?

Well, sure it does. However.. the Trinity has always existed, in fullness. The incarnation was the coming of God into time, but in Genesis, it is said “Let US make man in OUR image.”  We need not think of Calvary in linear terms any more then we should think of the Trinity in such terms

The original Ark, was made with specifics – In Exodus we can read

“37 Next Bezalel made the Ark of acacia wood—a sacred chest 45 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 27 inches high.[a] He overlaid it inside and outside with pure gold, and he ran a molding of gold all around it. He cast four gold rings and attached them to its four feet, two rings on each side. Then he made poles from acacia wood and overlaid them with gold. He inserted the poles into the rings at the sides of the Ark to carry it.

Then he made the Ark’s cover—the place of atonement—from pure gold. It was 45 inches long and 27 inches wide.[b]He made two cherubim from hammered gold and placed them on the two ends of the atonement cover. He molded the cherubim on each end of the atonement cover, making it all of one piece of gold. The cherubim faced each other and looked down on the atonement cover. With their wings spread above it, they protected it.”

Just like the ark of the old covenant (that by which the People of God were reconciled with him) had specifics, so too did Mary – and, just like the Ark of the covenant was so pure, and so Holy as it Housed the Shekinah Glory of God, so too, Mary, who houses the embodiment of the living God, is also Holy –

This is why at the Council of Ephesus she was declared “Theo Tokos”, or God-Bearer .  To refuse her the title of  “Mother of God” is to deny the homeostatic Union of the incarnation, without which, nothing matters. Surely we wont say it was a lie, so why do we deny the attributes of Mary, held to her from the moment of her creation?

There was no other way for a fallen person to have carried the Holy of Holies, because scripture tells us of the Temple, that nothing unholy can enter it. The Holy spirit overshadowed Mary in such a way, that it remained with her her entire life (which is why we also believe in the Assumption…I digress)

Mary has been said to be the Highest in creation. She is “Blessed among women”, who by nature, hold a higher mystical state then men. Mary by her nature, is the only one worthy even in her life, to approach and petition our Lord. As such it is right and fitting for us to ask her intercession (as a good Jewish boy, Jesus always listens to mom). 

Right now we need that intercession more then ever. She is the only person who we in our imperfect state can even dare to intercede for us. We need that right now – Man is in an evil state… we need someone truly worthy to speak on our behalf – If nothing else, the purity of her voice only adds to our help.

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