Compline Thoughts

Tonight after all the hysteria in Missouri over the meteor strike, I decided to finish up the movie “Risen”. In it , a Roman tribune encounters the disciples and Christ himself after the Resurrection. He goes from disbelief, to belief.

It made me amazing it must have been to see person. Sure, as a Catholic…I see him every time I receive communion, but to encounter him…in the flesh… to have put my hand in his side as Thomas did.

These men weren’t anything special. In fact, they were probably what we might consider hoosiers, rejects, undesirables. If we saw a Peter…or James today, we might ignore them walking down the street. Yet our Lord privileged them above all others in history. They knew him on a personal, intimate level. I am in awe when I consider this

More so..I am in awe of those Jesus healed. Lepers, the blind, demoniacs. If nothing else… that gives me hope. Those are REAL issues, and if he can heal those… how much of a swifter stroke is it to heal mine, or anyone’s soul.

“Now Master, you can let your servant go in peace, for I have seen your salvation” – Simeon

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